Eyebrows are said to be one of the most significant elements of a face for the way they enhance and define it. And, of course, every woman desires fuller, thicker brows. Yes, we may apply makeup to fill in our brows, but the allure of naturally thick brows is undeniable and ardently wanted.

As a result, we’ve curated this blog with some home remedies to help you thicken your brows. And if you need the best wedding makeup artist in Bangalore for your upcoming big day, feel free to contact team Dejavu.

Massage Your Brows with Oil

One of the best home remedies for getting fuller eyebrows is massaging your brow area with oils like olive oil, castor oil, or coconut oil. While the nutrients in the oil nourish your hair follicles, massaging in circular motions increases blood circulation and aids hair growth. Make it a habit to massage your brows well with a few drops of oil every night before bed.

Aloe Vera

Fresh aloe vera gel has a long history of therapeutic use. It also aids in the development of fuller brows. Aloin, a chemical found in aloe vera, increases faster hair development, making fresh aloe vera from the plant a must-try remedy. Scoop out the gel from a leaf and apply it to your brows, rubbing it in until it absorbs into the skin. Leave it on for 30-45 minutes. Rinse it off afterward and do it again the next day.


Milk is the simplest cure for gaining thicker eyebrows because it is high in proteins that stimulate hair growth. In a bowl, soak a cotton ball in a small amount of milk. Rub the cotton ball to your brows and leave it on for 15-20 minutes. When it’s dry, rinse it off with lukewarm water. You can do it as many times as you want.

Egg Yolk

Because eggs are a high-protein foodstuff, they’re an obvious home remedy for thicker brows. Separate the yolk from an egg by breaking it. Beat the egg yolk properly, and then apply it to your eyebrows. Allow it to sit for 15-20 minutes before washing it off with warm water. For best results, do it twice a week.

Onion Juice

Onion juice is high in sulfur, minerals, and antioxidants, which help to strengthen hair follicles and promote hair growth. All you have to do is grind one onion and squeeze off the liquid. Apply the juice to your brows with a cotton ball or a Q-tip and let it dry. After 20-30 minutes, wash it off with cold water. And to get rid of the pungent smell, you can either use lemon juice after washing off the onion juice or clean the onion juice with a cotton pad soaked in lemon juice all together.

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