Choosing the right mehendi design may sound easy to some. But in reality, it can be a very tedious task. In India, depending on what kind of function or event you will be attending or preparing for, it will take time to consider different types of designs.

When choosing a tattoo design, you should not suddenly pick a random design. Getting a tattoo is a lifetime commitment, a decision that will last for the rest of your life. This also applies to choosing the right mehendi design. Making the best decision requires careful consideration. In Devaju Makeup, we will teach all kinds of mehendi/henna design. That’s why people often say we offer the best makeup courses in Bangalore along with mehendi classes.

Here are some tips from our course for choosing the right mehendi design.


Mehendi is a form of body art worn on special occasions in the Hindu tradition. This type of body art is different from typical tattoos. It’s more temporary than a typical tattoo, and that distinction may help you decide if you have this body art.


If you already know the purpose of this body art, you can think about what kind of design you want. You should check out other websites that offer other styles of henna/ mehendi. There are many different types of mehendi styles such as Gujarati, Rajasthani, Marwari, African, and Muslim Arabic designs. Whichever design you choose, you should consider what you can comfortably wear for long periods. In our makeup courses in Bangalore, you will find all the details.

Mehendi for hands:

When choosing a mehendi design for your hand, you should be aware that a design that is too large can be a nuisance. mehendi experts comment that when choosing a mehendi design for hands, it doesn’t have to be too big.

Things to consider when picking up a mehendi design. mehendi is a similar body art that requires chemicals that can have different effects on different people. These things help make this experience worthwhile.

Just remember to allow enough time for the design to dry immediately after henna/mehendi. Experts recommend resting for about 3–4 hours without manual intervention to avoid ruining the design.

Additional care is required, such as applying synthetic or natural substances to the surface of the skin to help improve color or prevent allergic reactions.

Mehendi style:

Gujarat – This design is known for its extravagant and intricate designs. Due to its elegant texture and rich colors, it is often used for weddings and special occasions.

Rajasthani – This design is as old as the Rajasthani culture itself. Like other patterns and designs, Rajasthani is also known for its regal flair. This design includes patterns of flowers, different types of leaves, and their signature mirror effect.

Marwari – This style strongly reflects Indian culture in its design. It features intricate designs that highlight important aspects of culture through design elements and patterns.

Arabic – This Muslim Arabic design has some interesting patterns. It is a unique design, such as introducing a spiral pattern that makes the design feel like a flower.

So according to your need, you have to choose the best bridal makeup artist in Bangalore with mehendi so that you will get the best look.

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