Weddings and makeup are inextricably connected. Makeup is a vital part of every bride’s bridal preparations. From picking multiple makeups looks to selecting a makeup artist and conducting innumerable makeup trials, a well-planned wedding has it all. As a bride-to-be, though, having your own wedding makeup kit is essential. Because you can’t always have a makeup artist on hand, this SOS bridal makeup kit can save your face in an emergency. So, in this blog, the top wedding makeup artist in Bangalore will discuss some necessary products that should be included in your bridal makeup kit. Put them in a cute pouch and carry them with you to hide any makeup gaffes.


Mascaras are possibly the only thing that can make your eyes appear larger, brighter, and more awake. Whether you want to add length or volume to your lashes, mascara is a must-have in your bridal makeup kit. You don’t want to look like a panda with streaks of mascara streaming down your face, so choose a waterproof product.


You’re all aware that lipstick is the finishing touch that brings your entire look together, and any emergency bridal makeup kit would be incomplete without it. A matte lipstick that is of good quality and lasts a long time is a must-have in your makeup kit. If you’re unsure about the lip color to choose for the kit, pick one that is the closest match to the color your makeup artist is planning to use for that particular event.


What’s a bridal beauty kit without some glitz and glam? To be honest, you’re losing out on a lot if you don’t have a highlighter with you. A highlighter is available in a variety of textures, including liquid, cream, and powder, and you can choose the color that best matches your skin tone. The finest tool for strobing and emphasizing the high points of your face, giving it an illuminated look, is a highlighter combined with a nice bronzer. Apply it to your nose bridge, cupid’s bow, brow highs, and cheekbones, and you’re done. You should include it in your bridal makeup kit as a bling armor.

Makeup Setting Spray

A makeup setting spray is an ideal way to ensure that your makeup not only sets and blends nicely but also lasts longer than usual. You’re going to be a bride, so you’ll need a spray that not only does the aforementioned functions but also soothes your skin.

Blotting Paper

Finally, but certainly not least, blotting paper should be included in any bridal makeup kit. Keep blotting papers on hand if you have oily or combination skin, or if you’re getting married in the summer. These are a must-have for removing excess shine from your face and preventing sweat and oiliness from spoiling your make-up. Blotting papers can also be used to refresh your makeup without having to reapply it. Use them on your nose, forehead, chin, and any other places that need a boost. It is a simple cure to make your skin look flawlessly smooth without ruining your makeup.

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